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A Droplet of Courage

A beloved Facebook friend posted this delightful quote: “Living from your heart is an art. It takes creativity, focus, and time.” (Original source unknown) These wise words touched my heart and spoke to my spirit. I immediately sat in contemplation and pondered the insight so gracefully offered in the post. As I sat quietly with the idea of living heart-art, my teacher, Joshua, spoke to me. He gently talked about an additional ingredient for a heart-based life. Joshua added that living from the heart and letting love show also requires courage. As we awaken it is easier to release the social mask of fear we hide behind to reveal our extraordinary love for one another. Yet, in moments of insecurity, it remains a habit for us to hide our heart behind a mask. Good reasons led humankind to create a heart-shielding mask, and there’s no shame or guilt about using our heart shield. Joshua reminded me this tool has purpose. He urges us to utilize such tools consciously. Sadly, from Joshua’s point of view, we have allowed ourselves to hide our hearts habitually, and he added that now is the time to form new habits. Each of us has the freedom to choose the moments when we lower our heart-shield and allow the mask to melt. We sense the unseen and unheard energy body, vibrations, and feeling…