“The Best Is Yet To Come”

“The best is yet to come.”

How can it be that the best is yet to come when the best part of my life was being married to my soulmate for 36 years?  Even though this philosophy of positivity is what I’d been saying for years hearing it from others ticked me off.  I was not in the place where I wanted to hear it.

Pain changes our perspective and plummets us to a place that we don’t want to be.  We can’t avoid it and we have to live through it. We don’t have to like it but in these last 2+ years I’ve leaned that if I let it wash over me, feel what I need to feel, it eventually loses it’s power.

Still believing there is a life better than I had when Jack was alive seems disrespectful and honestly unfathomable.  Yet as time moves on I’m not in the place of pure depression that I first was.  I can laugh now and not feel guilty for enjoying myself.  As I contemplate that the “best is yet to come” I’m seeing that differently too.

The best of my life when Jack was alive was the spending my life with him.  The best of my life without Jack though has yet to come. I didn’t have a choice in his death. That was his journey.  I have a choice in how I’m going to live my life now that he has passed.  The best of this part of my life without Jack has yet to come. And now I am finally open to seeing the rest of my life with potential not through the eyes of sorrow.

We anchor our lives in all that we’ve known but there comes a point where we need to pull up the anchor and move on.  All that we’ve experienced, what we’ve loved, who we’ve become, never leaves us.  Rather it is the foundation of who we are at this moment.  It’s ingrained in our soul.

Choosing to take a step forward in this new life doesn’t change what we’ve been through. It’s not disrespectful of our life before now.  Instead it leads us to understanding and appreciating that…

“The best of what’s next has yet to come.”

Are you ready to be open to it?

I’m ready…

With love, Cheryl

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