Reflections – August 2016

I’m tired.  Tired of the struggles.  Tired of the drama.  Tired of the losses that have pervaded my life these last few years.  I’m tired.  Are you too?

We seem to go from one challenge to the next just hoping for a break. We need to rest.  We need to have a little peace and yet it seems to be elusive.

When will it be our time?  Our time to be happy, to be at peace, to be content with the parts of our life we want to be content with?

 Today as I was feeling overwhelmed yet again a thought popped into my consciousness..

“Everything is OK.”

That thought stopped me dead in my tracks.  Those were the words the woke me up when Jack died.  I was sleeping beside him when I heard his voice say, “Everything is OK now” and for him it was.  His suffering had ended.

Today the meaning of these words was a revelation that I am sure somehow Jack orchestrated.  It was a gentle reminder that everything may not be as I expected or hoped but it certainly is OK.

Life unfolds as we need it to.  No amount of struggling or trying to control it changes anything it just stresses us out.  It’s not what happens to us or around us that is the problem.  It is our reaction to it.  I understand it’s easy to say “don’t react” but diminishes our humanness.  If instead we can pause and remind ourselves that what we choose to do now or next will determine if our struggles continue or abate.

We have the ability to give ourselves the break, the rest, the peace we need.  And isn’t making that choice the best we can do for ourselves?

With love, Cheryl


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