Feeling The Pain

 When we go through the challenges in this life our emotions take us to the extremes. Sadness, disappointment, grief, devastation, fear… relief. And maybe tomorrow or even the next few days won’t be much better… but they will get better in time.

The problem with time is that we just want to get through it now. Somethings do not work out on our schedule… but they will ease up if we allow them too. When we stop struggling with our feelings and allow ourselves to feel them they’ll run out of steam or we’ll get tired of them and be ready to move on.

It’s been nearly 8 months since Jack passed and on top of that I was so disappointed when something I was looking forward to fell apart. I admit to allowing myself to go to that lowest of low spots. It didn’t do any good to tell myself to “get over it.” Some days are just harder than others. But today was better… because I let it be.

Allow yourself be OK with your emotions and allow your self be OK with letting them flow away from you when you’re ready. You don’t need discipline, will power or determination… You just need to be… I know I did and I will again.

With love, Cheryl

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