StressHave you ever had a day (or more) where everything you touch seems to fall flat or go wrong? Do you spend your time beating yourself up for something you should have or shouldn’t have done? That was my today and of course being on a steep learning curb with a new job just adds to my frustration.
What do you do when you find yourself in this place?

For me… after I vented my frustrations out (to myself because Jack’s not here to listen) I realized two important things about this day that caused my stress to evaporate.

The first was realizing that I was tired. When we’re already exhausted everything seems worse. The second thing was reminding myself that nothing I was dealing with was “death and dying.” In other words it could be managed. Just allowing myself to realize these things changed my state of mind.

We wrap ourselves up in stress that we don’t have to. There was a time in my past that I couldn’t have talked myself down off this ledge, even with Jack’s help. I would have obsessed and not been able to sleep. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been through worse. You recover quicker because you know, from experience, you’re stronger than your stress.

If you’ve been through any major life challenge you know how to do this. You know you have been through worse. Remember that when you find yourself stressed. And allow yourself to get to the better place.

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