Less Stress, More Bliss

Less stress more bliss soulciallivingStress is Change –

Change is everything –

Embrace it!

What is stress? Stress is change and because everything is always changing and moving, we feel stress on a regular basis. Simply put stress is our response, physically, spiritually and emotionally, to certain changes that happen in day to day life. Sometimes it’s good stress and sometimes it’s bad stress. When those changes are extreme and prolonged, fearful and painful, it can be deadly.

Examples of bad stressors that can cause negative effects in our lives are: a car breaking down, receiving bad news or getting laid off, an annoying colleague, financial issues, and sickness, changing habits like quitting smoking, or ending a relationship, moving, deadlines at work. The list is endless. We all have your own stressors.

Good stressors cause different responses. The body can respond by increases in chemicals, such as endorphins, that provide more energy and strength. Endorphins allow humans to feel a sense of power and control over themselves that allows them to persist with activity for an extended time; like runners high or the euphoric feeling after a particularly satisfying event, the excitement felt after an extremely awesome experience.

When working properly, stress helps you stay focused, energetic, and alert. In emergency situations, stress can save your life – giving you extra strength to defend yourself, for example, or spurring you to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident.

What can you do when stress and change are excessive? GET HELP!

The best way to manage stress is to avoid it. Since that is not always an option there are a wide range of tools available to help including: psychotherapy, drugs, meditation, and exercise.

10 Stress relievers that you can include in your life now include:



                  Healthy foods (chocolate counts!)


                  Energy work


                  Creative projects

                  Positivity coaching

                  Connecting with “happy” people


My particular methods for relieving my stress levels are meditation and mindfulness, exercise, laughter, energy work, and eating foods that support my overall well-being. These techniques can easily be incorporated into your life by accepting that stress can be a good thing, and, when these are practiced on a regular basis, they can seriously reduce your stress levels and increase your own happiness levels.

Experience less stress and more joy, by embracing change! Want to know more? Visit terigriffinwilliams.com.



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