Can You Laugh At Yourself?

Fotolia_55328154_Subscription_XXLHealth and fitness-related issues can often come across as serious topics. It takes a committed decision to step up, and to create a lifestyle that is the catalyst toward major changes.

Part of that lifestyle change is the decision to take responsibility for your own health. Part of this is doing your utmost to follow through with your health and fitness goals.

We all have a tendency to buckle in to those feelings of self-criticism when we fall short of following through with our fitness goals. We beat ourselves up for not trying harder. We wish that we were stronger in resisting those temptations to consume those foods that end up damaging our bodies. We think less of ourselves, and this can stir up old patterns of self-doubt and unworthiness. It is during these moments that we need to remain positive, and focus on our goals.

This is a time when we should learn to laugh at the challenges we face on a daily basis! When we see ourselves in a humorous light, we diffuse the power of self-defeating thoughts and feelings that can cripple our ability to grow and advance as healthy, happy human beings.

Allow me to offer one example of how laughing at a situation helped to conquer my food cravings, while turning the whole process into a game.

There are many times when I’m shopping for food and suddenly think, “Man, I would love some ice cream with a piece of pie!” My favorite is pumpkin pie…but everybody has their own button. It is during these moments that I do everything I can to not think about my cravings. I must admit, those cravings can be too hard to resist!

As a way of overcoming this situation, I make sure to have my shopping basket filled with the foods I truly need. I stay away from the aisles that carry poor quality foods that I know I should avoid.

If my cravings are especially intense, I make a game out of my shopping experience. I take this opportunity to boldly stand in front of the ice cream case. I focus on it all and think, ‘if I were to have this sweet treat tonight, what would be the best treat to select?’ I read the labels of every yummy morsel, and I then find the one that calls to me, and put it in my basket. This makes it easier to finish my shopping. Yet, all the while I feel as if I have my favorite, treat waiting for me. By the time I’m ready to check out, I have overcome my desire for the treat, and I have put the ice cream and pie back on the shelf.

Instead of becoming frustrated, and falling into a place of self- judgment, I find a way to laugh at myself, at my old programing, and make a game out of it all!

There are times when we goof up, and allow our old way of thinking to get the better of us. When this happens, learn to laugh at yourself. Get on with creating the life you truly desire. Don’t fall into the trap of self-judgment and unworthiness.

The more you can laugh at your old programing foibles, the faster you will create the health and wellness you desire.

Would you like to understand how these old programs sabotage all your efforts to create the health and fitness you desire?

Here is a complimentary webinar to get you started.

I would love to help you on your journey of health and wellness.

I wish for all of you, Vibrant Health!  Dave

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