Just Do It Or Not

Fotolia_7102952_Subscription_Monthly_MHow many times have you heard this phrase?  It’s a battle cry for health & fitness and a motivator for anyone standing on the edge of their future. When you’re going through significant life challenges though “Just Do It’ and “Don’t Do It” carry equal weight.

Sometimes we need to do nothing.  There might be too much going on already or so much confusion that doing anything might just make it worse.  There is also the important step of taking the time to “be” in your emotions and give yourself time to heal has to come first.

When however you get to the point where doing something, anything, is important, remember this.  Whatever you feel you have to do doesn’t have to be permanent.  You can take a job to give you some security and pay the bills but it doesn’t have to be your “forever” job. You can take a break from your relationship and come back (or not) and be better for it. (Ok…this one does require honest conversation and kindness first.) You can stop paying for unnecessary stuff like those daily lattes or another pair of shoes while you build up your new house or college fund.

Doing something you don’t necessarily want to do when you need to do it isn’t the worst thing in the world.  It’s not embarrassing, humbling or beneath you.  It’s making the decision to put your immediate needs first and there is never anything wrong with that.

Starting over, starting again?  Be kind to yourself and Just Do It!

With love, Cheryl

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