Getting Down, Getting Up

89794198It is so easy to get down when things aren’t going our way.  And when the hits keep coming trying to stay positive and motivated is harder than just crawling under the covers and staying there.  We get to the point though that where laying low, so to speak,  feels as bad as what we are facing in life.

Many people reading my blog weren’t around when I was starting out with Simple Steps and don’t know my story.  My position was replaced through a company acquisition after being with the same company for over 22 years. I was looking forward to being free when the reality hit that finding another job at my age wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped.  Deciding to reinvent my career I invested in the housing market, using all of my retirement, and lost it all because of bad decisions… including who to trust.  My parents came to live with us, dad died suddenly leaving me to care for my elderly blind mom.  During this same time Jack was diagnosed with cancer… a battle he continues to fight to this day.  And when this all started we had moved across country to take care of my parents are were away from our support system.

There were days I never left the couch.  Then one day I was watching TV and a commercial for an antidepressant came on.  I realized that is what my life had become.

We all go through stages in life that we wish we didn’t have to but yet they are our life.  What I’ve found from being at the lowest low is that we can stay in that place and feel worse about ourselves or we can do something, anything, to feel just a little bit better.  For me it was focusing on the flowers blooming in my yard.  Did that make all my challenges better? No… but it was a positive distraction that gave me a break from the stress.  Over time I focused on more things that made me smile including the trees, the sun,  and times when I was driving a car I loved.  In other words I looked for more to be grateful for.

Day by day we can work ourselves out of this place of negativity and hopelessness by choosing to.  No, it certainly isn’t easy.   What is easy, feeling sorry for ourselves, only contributes to feeling bad.  That doesn’t help.  We have to want to help ourselves.  We have to want to find a better place than where we are at that moment in time.  And most of all we have to realize that only we can change ourselves.

Life can end tomorrow or go on for years and decades.  Ask yourself if, with whatever time you have left, you want to be unhappy… or miserable.  My answer was “no!”  (Actually “hell no!”)  It’s been almost 6 years since I started this path to happiness.  And sometimes, yes, I backslide.  The experience I’ve had these last few years has helped me recover more quickly and you will too… but you have to take a step in the right direction.  A Simple Step that is right for you.

How bad to you want it?  It’s up to you?

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