Enjoying Life by Living In The Moment

SMK1Often, when it comes to personal development, we become so focused on watching our thoughts and our words and implementing Divine techniques on what we would like to change in our lives or actively co-create to experience in our future that we forget the most important part of our journey is to enjoy life by being present and live in the moment of NOW!

We spend so much of our conscious time either clearing away and healing the past or creating our magnificent future that we forget to take the time to connect with this beautiful moment of right here, right now. Take a few minutes, preferably in one of your favorite spaces, and take in a deep diaphragmatic breath. Pause and take in another one. Do this a couple more times. Ahhhh!


  • How do you feel: emotionally, mentally, and physically?
  • How is your breathing? Is it relaxed or labored?
  • What do you see around you? Colors? Shapes?
  • What textures are in this space?
  • What sounds do you hear within, nearby, and afar?
  • What aromas are in the air?
  • What elements of Nature are you surrounding yourself with?
  • Who are you sharing your cherished life with?

This moment that you are experiencing right now … is a priceless gift! This is you being consciously present and living in the moment of NOW! This is where you experience your core-essence of Being that is innately who you are.

The path to enjoying a fulfilled life, which is your Divine birthright, is to celebrate this beautiful moment by offering gratitude and appreciation for who you are, what you have, where you are, and with those you are so blessed to share your journey with in this moment of time. Hence, the proverbs “stop and smell the roses”and “count your blessings.”It’s experiencing the beauty of your journey along the way versus achieving the goal or reaching the final destination of desire.

Being conscious of your blessings in this moment is the greatest honor you can offer your Creator and all the trail blazers who came before you. This is also the most auspicious time to connect within to your Higher-Self, Guides, and Angels to receive Divine guidance and inspiration, for the Universe loves and blesses a thankful heart.

The next time you enjoy one of your domestic amenities: an indoor warm shower or hot bath, the dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, your vacuum cleaner, washer and dryer, a long drive in your vehicle, clean running water, electricity or your cell phone, telephone, or computer to connect with your loved ones or business …remember, it wasn’t long ago that these everyday simplicities were only the burning desires of our pasts dreamers, inventors, and explorers wanting to bring forth luxury as a basic essential for the highest-good of all, including you and future generations.

You are immensely blessed in this very moment. Delight in the energetic flow that you are safe, powerful, perfect, balanced, and complete. Trust in the knowing that you are meant to live a life fulfilled with health, love, prosperity, beauty, laughter, joy, creativity, and right-relationships with everyone you encounter.

Your power to dance in life’s abundance is by being fully present and living in this moment right here, right now. Enjoy!


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