Springtime – Creating the New You!

Dieting concept. Young Woman choosing between Fruits and SweetsJust as the earth moves through cycles of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, we too are meant to move through these same cycles.

We are a system within the earth’s systems. We are interdependent upon the cycles of the earth, and we ourselves are a system of interdependent systems.

It is fascinating to look upon life itself from the expansiveness of the universe all the way down to the cellular level, as one grand interdependent system of life.

These cycles of birth, growth, slowing down, and transcendence are found everywhere we look. You will find these cycles in bacteria, viruses, in the soil, in plants, reptiles, animals, and in us. It is the cycle of life, the cycle of energy, the cycle of consciousness.

In the earth’s cycle, Spring is a time of birth, or even rebirth. For there to be a birth there should have been a time of transition, death, or rest. This transition period is important to allow for healing. A time to go dormant. The cycle of life is not about a steady climb up, but instead about a gentle wave of growth and maturity.

During this season, our bodies are meant to rest more. Just think of the shorter days and less sunlight. We actually feel the need to rest more in our bodies.

Ah, but not long after our rest, we awake with a new sense of purpose. It is Spring, and we see all the possibilities of the time ahead. We feel inspired to do more. The days are getting longer, our energy seems to increase, and we are ready to take on more challenges.

So are you ready to take on those new challenges? Have you given any thought to what you desire your life to be? How about your health and wellness? You didn’t forget about getting healthier did you?

When it comes to health and fitness, just like any other aspect of your life, we need to clear out the old habits, mind-set, eating behaviors, and inactivity that have stopped us in the past from transforming our lives. Then we need to give ourselves the gift of a new lifestyle of health and wellness.

We must die to the old unhealthy lifestyle and transcend, or rise, into a new healthy, happy, lifestyle.

Believe it or not, that’s all it takes. It’s no different from a smoker who after twenty years decides, “I don’t smoke any more.” The smoker quits just like that. All the other smokers in the world say, “How the heck did that person just quit so effortlessly?”

Well, it is a matter of who the person now believes himself/herself to be. This person changed how they saw themselves. They no longer know themselves as a smoker, even though they smoked for twenty years.

They got rid of the old lifestyle, and replaced it with a new one. They transcended the old and rose to the new.

This is how all change in life happens. It can happen overnight or take a slower path. It is completely up to the individual to believe they are this new, transcended state of being.

It is springtime folks. It is nature’s time to begin to express its full potential once more after its rest. So, too, it is our time to express our full potential. It is a time for growth – spiritually, mentally and physically. It is time to transcend your old ways of lack, fear, unworthiness, doubt, and procrastination and rebirth yourself as a new person who lives a life of health, happiness, and wellness.

Just as the tiny seed already knows it is a giant Redwood, you already know, deep within, you are meant to be a healthy, happy, well person. Most importantly you will find within yourself the blueprint to be this amazing person.

Clear out all your old thoughts of unworthiness, fear, and doubt. Create a new way of thinking. Who do you want to be? Decide what that looks like, and begin to know yourself as that person and only that person. Do not look back on the old self. Only see yourself as the new life. Follow what your intuition tells you to do. At first, this can be challenging because you’re not used to doing this. However, the more you trust and believe your intuition, the more you will create the new you.

You must now begin to believe in yourself. Nurture your spirit, mind and body, and you will become that which you desire.

I wish for all of you Vibrant Health!


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