Recognition of Your Efforts

Fotolia_16928493_Subscription_XXLWhat is holding you back at this moment? Are you afraid? Complacent? Do you assuming “it” will never work out so why bother?

When we create scenarios in our minds which show anything other than a positive outcome we are sabotaging our very happiness. Is that what you wanted to do? I know I don’t but…. Sometimes those negative thoughts get the best of me. What about you?

I know plenty of inspirational people who I greatly respect and admire… But all of us… And even the best of the best have moments where we’re not thinking the best. It is however part of being human. There is no perfection. What there is though is knowledge that we can work through it.

If you’re just beginning to turn your life around and find a more positive path you might find yourself slipping backwards at the first reminder of something you wanted to put behind you. When that happens rather than beat yourself up for falling back into an old mindset try this Simple Step:

  • Take a moment to acknowledge the thought. If you try to fight it… It stays in your head. (What you resist persists).
  • Replace the thought with what serves you better on this new path.
  • Celebrate you wisdom. After all you’ve recognized that your old way of thinking doesn’t Orkney for you and you’ve made a decision to do it better.. For you. The celebration also creates a positive memory for future use.

Allow yourself to be ok with having a negative thought every once in a while. It’s not a sign that you can’t live your life differently… It’s a reminder of how far you have come!

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