Looking for Messages

robbietnLooking back into the misty beginnings of humanity, we have always sought messages to guide us in our life’s decisions. And since that beginning, men and women have believed that those messages came from outside ourselves, from some form of God. Often people played the role of interpreters of those messages. The fortune-tellers, the Shamans, the Medicine Men, the Tarot readers and the Priests have all played that role for us, some better than others. I believe that currently there is a shift in consciousness that is teaching us that WE are the seekers of “magical” messages and we are the best interpreters of our own messages.

How do we attract our messages? The answer is simple and yet complicated at the same time. Many of us believe that the more in touch we are with our soul, our soul purpose, our higher self, the more of those special messages we can and will receive. That is the simple part. The more complicated part is how to make and keep that contact between our soul and our conscious mind. Learning to do that is what our generation is about. Each of us learning to accomplish that is what is pushing consciousness higher for all mankind. The world may seem more chaotic than ever right now, but once this shift is more accepted, things will settle down. Imagine a world free of war!

What we have come to understand is that our subconscious mind listens without judgment or interpretation to what our conscious mind says. Even just our thoughts have more power than we previously believed. For instance, if you keep saying, “I am so fat!” your body or subconscious mind will do all it can to hold on to every extra fat cell it can find. So if you want to have more frequent and quality connections with your higher self or soul, you just need to ask for it. You will be guided to the best method for you. It may be meditation, yoga, or walks in nature. If you ask that every day, you will be guided to the right person, the right book, the right webinar to help you make and keep that line of communication open. There may be many things you can do so never stop making that statement of intent. “Let me be guided to the best technique to connect with my higher self, my soul.” Most likely, you have already started or accomplished that line of communication since you are reading this article!

The next step is to start looking for messages. How do those messages come to you, who directs them; you do. What happens is that you send out a certain unconscious “vibration” and “the Universe” sends matches to that vibration. Like magnets to your thoughts. I think of the Universe as a giant living entity that we are part of. Animals, birds and butterflies can respond to your vibration without their conscious awareness. In fact, that is the world they live in. Modern mankind just forgot about that world, and we are just now remembering it. Native cultures never forgot. That is why it feels so good to be with nature…it is a GREAT vibrational match to our bodies. It is that same energy that helps you draw just the right card out of a deck of message cards. There is an energy inherent in each card, and your fingers, when tuned in, will “feel” the card that has the most appropriate message for you.

I have had many messages from animals that appear around me. Most recently, we have been visited by a giant blue heron. It came to eat the fish in my small fish pond, and it keeps coming back. We have lived here for 10 years and had that fish pond for 6 years. Why is the heron just showing up now? I believe it is telling me that I am on the right path. My career has just taken a new direction and to me this bird is showing up to support that new direction. Another example is that after last winter’s long period of freezing at night, a vine in my yard was covered with dead leaves so I had to trim it way back. That vine is home to a kind of butterfly that lives there year round. They look like small Monarch butterflies. I didn’t see any caterpillars when I did the trimming so I was worried that they wouldn’t come back in the spring since I didn’t think they migrated like Monarchs do. Within an hour of my wondering, there was a butterfly right next to me. I hadn’t seen one for weeks before or after that, so I believe it showed up to ease my mind about the welfare of it’s clan.

The benefit to you for listening to these messages is to make the best decisions for yourself. The road to a better life doesn’t have to be hard; it can and will be easier if you learn to develop this source of guidance that is yours and yours alone. I love to discuss things with my friends, but I understand that I truly am my own best source of guidance. I have made mistakes along the way to be sure, but I always try to learn from them. I hope you find this information helpful and that it takes away some of the fear and mystery we sometimes feel when we get those magical messages!

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