Speak Your Fears

fotolia_8150434_Subscription_LIf you are worried, fearful, anxious or stressed any attempt to put on a happy face is going to feel disingenuous for you.  We can ‘act as if,’ ‘fake it until we make it’ or look through our rose-colored glasses and those around us may be inspired by our resolve and happy we’re taking the positive route.  But where does that leave you when you’re all alone and still worried, fearful, anxious or stressed?

When you realize despite your positive intentions that something still isn’t quite right it’s time to expose your troubling thoughts to the light.  As long as you keep them inside they fester and boil… only to come to the surface when you need them least.

If you’re ready to get past your worries and fears then here’s a Simple Step that lightens your load and renews your resolve:

  • Get it out… get it all out! To yourself and no one else…   literally say out loud every fear & worry you have. Give as much detail as you need to make sure you’ve been heard.  This is a private act of courage. When you admit to all that weights on your mind it’s no longer hiding in the corners of your mind waiting to scare you. If you have many worries write them down so you don’t forget to address any one of them.
  • Now take each one by itself and repeat it.
    • If it sounds ridiculous when you hear yourself speak the words then laugh at it.
    • If it remains a concern then one by one ask yourself if what you’re worried about is a fact or is it a figment of your imagination.  For example when Jack was diagnosed with cancer I had every worry from him dying, to living without him, to not being able to support myself, to not being able to care for my pets to being homeless.  All of those felt very real yet everyone was an exaggerated fear.  I was able to eliminate most of those worries because anything except how was he going to survive were all made up in my head.  A little tip about those made up ones.  Less than 93% of our fears ever come to fruition.  Ask yourself if you want to spend your time and energy worrying about the 7% or enjoying the 93%?
    • For those worries that appear fall in the 7% then it’s time to take control of the emotions and shift into action.  If you fret and worry you feel helpless… and you’re not. When you educate yourself about what you’re facing you unleash your power.  Jack’s cancer was life changing but unlikely to be life ending.  We prepared ourselves for what would need to change and changed our lives to support his health.  In taking control we realized our own strength and that transformed worry into power… all of which helps both of us to get through his surgery and recovery.

For every challenge that you face from financial devastation, to a relationship ending, to a job loss, to losing a loved one… there is enough stress without creating more in your imagination.  When you take the time to educate yourself and plan for what is more likely than not you will find your strength.  And then all that positivity that outside world sees is exactly what you feel in your heart.  And that is a Simple Step!

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