Your Happiness… Your Responsibility

Fotolia_6197496_Subscription_XXLDo you keep looking for someone with the answers?  Maybe even someone who will “save” you?  Are you hoping that your white knight will come along and your life will forever be better?

When we look outside of ourselves for the answers we end up feeling emptier… and even abandoned when we realize that other person doesn’t hold the key to our happiness that we expected them to.

If you’ve been relying on someone or something outside of you to deliver you to a better place it’s time for a wake up call.  Your knight on a white horse may show up but if you’re expecting him to be responsible for your happiness… you’re going to get short-changed.  That’s not because someone else is a bad person… it’s because only you can “make” you happy.

Think about all the times you’ve felt let down by another.  Consider the “things” that you obtained only to be bored or to want something bigger, better, newer when it came along.  These are tell-tale signs that happiness doesn’t come from without… it comes from within.

If you want to be happier.. .choose to be.  Here are some Simple Steps to take in the direction of that better place in your life:

  • Create a gratitude habit.  Every morning, night or both write down something that you are grateful for in your life.  One of the best ideas I have heard is to write it on a slip of paper and place it in a large jar.  Then when you might not be feeling your best pull out a couple slips and read them. It will remind you of what is good in your life.
  • Take action.  If you want a new job or new career, for example, research the fields or companies you may want to consider.  Connect with others that work in that space.  Educate yourself so you can make an informed decision about your future.
  • Step back.  Take a break, give yourself a break.  Sometimes when we want something other than what we have we’ll take action just for the sake of doing something.  That can be a total waste of energy if you haven’t thought it through.  That’s my tendency so showing a bit of restraint until I have at least a few ducks in a row works better for me.  Maybe it will for you too.

When you have a dream and rely on yourself to make them come true… they do!  And it is… all you!

With love, Cheryl

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