It’s Not About You…

When you don’t hear back from a friend do you think it’s because you’ve done something wrong?  Did you send a text message and never heard back and now you’re feeling maybe you shouldn’t have said what you said?  Do you think that because there is silence it’s related to what you did or didn’t do?

There is this great little quote that never fails to make me think differently.  It goes,

“If you knew how little people thought of you,  you wouldn’t worry how little people think of you.”

When there is silence we tend to fill it… and oftentimes with thoughts that are based on nothing but our vivid imaginations.  We fret or worry and project our fears and uncertainties on someone who probably hasn’t thought twice about it.  Perhaps they haven’t even seen it yet. While this is an age of smart phones, text messaging and instant information not everyone is as on top of it as you may be.

Whatever you do… don’t start calling all your other friends or family members and sharing whatever scenario you’ve created in your head.  It only compounds how you may be feeling by repeating it… and it will make it back to the person you’re talking about… and maybe in a way that you’d never intended it to.

Rather than drive yourself nuts filling in a void that doesn’t need filled try these Simple Steps:

  • Pick up the telephone and actually talk to the person.  You may just realize they haven’t received your text or e-mail.
  • Think the best.  Believe that the other person is busy, pre-occupied, at work, or engaged in anything else but reading what you’ve sent.
  •  Ask yourself why you’re thinking the worst.  Do you have a belief about yourself that is driving you to this place?

There are dozens of reasons why you may not hear from someone as you’d like to.  The overwhelming majority of which have nothing to do with you.  Isn’t that a relief!?!

With love,  Cheryl

It’s been 3 years since I started Simple Steps… and I am grateful every day that you are here.  As a thank you – to you – Simple Steps for Real Life will be available on Thanksgiving Day as a FREE Kindle download. A link will be posted on our Facebook Page Wednesday, November 21st and again on Thanksgiving Day.      

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