It’s Time to Stop Beating Yourself Up!

When exactly are you going to forgive yourself?  How long are you going to beat yourself up for something you did or didn’t do?  When are you going to realize that you are human?

We hold ourselves to this standard of perfection that we would cringe at if we saw anyone else do it.  We think however that we should have known better, known more or just been smarter.  Geez… enough!

Whatever you did or didn’t do… it seemed like the right way to go for you… then.  With whatever information you had at the time you made the best possible decision.  You don’t have a crystal ball and if you knew exactly how everything was going to turn out you wouldn’t  be feeling like you do right now… right?!?

  • Now, you have more information than you did… then.
  • Now, if you were faced with the same decision… because of what you know, now… you’d make a different decision.  Right?  If your answer is “yes” then you sure are smarter, now, than you were, then.  So celebrate the increase in your smartness!

We all make decisions based on what we know at the time.  Times changes and we make new decisions.

So just stop judging yourself.

Stop treating yourself so poorly.

Just stop beating yourself up and start living now. Because now is all that matters and it is all you have…

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