Move Into the Positive Light

I’ve been living a life of hope and optimism ever since I realized that to do otherwise made me feel bad.  All of that was my own doing… just as staying positive is.  We get to make these choices regardless of what is going on in our lives.

That doesn’t mean I’m perfect.   I’ve had my moments… especially with Jack’s latest round of cancer.  I’ve never been promised the proverbial rose garden… but I do know that I can grow by nurturing my soul with positivity… or I can wither by existing in negativity.

If you’re finding yourself hiding from life because you’re going through a tough time try one of these Simple Steps to bring yourself into the light:

  • Get out of your own head.  What’s stirring around in there isn’t helping you… it’s clouding your vision.  Do something that has nothing to do with you.  Volunteer.  When you help others (people or animals) you distract yourself from what is going on in your life… if only for a while.   It is that break however that can provide you with some much-needed perspective.
  • Get out of your home.  At least for a short while change your surroundings.  Find a quiet park or a noisy amusement park… or any place that provides you with a completely different environment than your living space.  Doing so enables you to see the polar opposite of your life right now and that could be what gives you the break you need.
  • Throw yourself a party.  A pity party.  This suggestions comes from our friend Pam Thomas, host of The Attraction Factor on Empower Radio. Shut yourself in a room, one with a large mirror,  that you can sit in front of and preferably when you are home alone. Take with you all of your favorite junk food & beverages.  Put on that music that is speaking to you in your place of darkness.  Indulge in your choices and as you do rail and release all the pent-up anger, frustration and emotions that are weighing on you. Scream, cry, punch a pillow… anything that helps you let it out.  Now glance at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “Are you ready to get to a better place?”  You might end up laughing at yourself and that’s a good way to start!  If nothing else… take a good hard look and ask yourself if this is the way you want your life to be?

Finding a more positive place in life is a personal choice and involves only you.  It all comes down to your attitude and as Viktor Frankl reminds us…

Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.

Choose what feels better!

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