You Didn’t Fail!

If you’re starting over life and perhaps not by choice you may be experiencing plenty of stress and fear.    Do you find yourself doubting your own judgement?  Or are you judging your current situation based on a perceived failure?

There can be a list of reasons a mile long as to why you are where you are.  The one though that has no merit is that you are a failure.  You’re not. Just because the marriage, the job, or the new city didn’t work out… it is not a personal reflection on you.

It is…  A situation that didn’t work out the way you’d hoped.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself right now is a Simple Step. Ask yourself…  What have you learned from the experience?

Perhaps you know now:

  • That you won’t trust your heart to someone who doesn’t freely give you theirs.
  • That working in a job that didn’t play to your strengths is not a good use of your time?
  • You really do want to live closer to your family and friends.

Your experience, as difficult as it maybe, is transporting you to a better place in your life.  You know more of what you want and what you don’t want.   Sure it would have been nice to find it out differently… but you wouldn’t be you if it wasn’t for what you’ve been through.

Now what are you going to do with this knowledge?    It is totally up to you.  Why not use it to discovery a path in life that supports your happiness… your soul.  Isn’t that what you want to do anyway?

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