Self Respect – Starting Over

When you are trying to climb out of a bad place in your life, it’s important to foster your own self-respect. Appreciating and valuing yourself means that there’s less chance of backsliding. So how do you do that? Remove this myth from your life: someone else’s opinion matters more than your own. It does not!

How you feel about yourself relates directly to your happiness and your commitment to your goals. Feeling completely positive will guarantee your success. Think back to any point in your life when you felt the most in control and happy … you were 100 percent responsible for those feelings.

Now wait … let’s suppress the “yeah, but” coming from you. If you’ve been searching for a job or a relationship for a long time, and you were passed by, it may feel like you aren’t worthy. It’s easy to get down when you feel rejected.

What have you learned from your attempts? Is the next “light bulb” in your life one more effort away?

Remember: making a consistent effort is the key. There’s nothing about changing your life that is once and done … there’s no magic pill and certainly no way to delegate the task to someone else.

  • When you are ready, try one of these Simple Steps to launch yourself forward:
    Ask yourself: “Am I absolutely confident I’ve done everything I can to succeed?” This requires that you have a heart-to-heart conversation with yourself. Be honest. Attempting to fool yourself serves no purpose and only contributes to a lack of self-respect. When you’re sure you’ve made your best effort, your self-respect will be solid. If you aren’t sure you’ve done all you can do, then what’s missing? Fill in the gaps.
  • Quit second-guessing yourself. Rather than doubting yourself when something doesn’t work out, look for the lesson to be learned from it. What do you know now that you didn’t know before? How can you implement this new lesson in your approach?
  • Wipe out the negativity in your self-talk. Replace “can’t” with “can.” Even if you can’t physically do something yourself, use your creativity to find a way to accomplish the task. Work on changing your self-talk to self-respecting-talk.

You have everything you need to restore your life. Focus on respecting the person you are becoming. Then you will realize that all is as it should be – all is well!

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