What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for by SIMPLE STEPS

This weekend Jack & I took a few days away to celebrate our 33rd anniversary.  We haven’t really been celebrating much over the years… in many ways we’ve been doing everything but.  It’s not hard to get caught up in day to day life… but when we do then we forget what is really important to us.

Our new(er) friends Marilyn Hough & Chuck Schmitt, the Relationship Specialists, live just down the street from us.  They epitomize living life to the fullest.  They celebrate all the usual special occasions… but do so for more than just a single day.  Even more they look for ways to celebrate every day.  As we have come to know them they have inspired us to appreciate life more. 

What are you doing to celebrate life?  Are you ignoring the customary events because it’s just another year… or because you don’t want to give the “Hallmark” holidays credibility?  Are you taking life for granted because it’s just another day? 

What if you took a page from Marilyn & Chuck’s book and make it your purpose to celebrate life?  When you’re ready try one of these Simple Steps to begin adding a little more interest into your life:

  • Upon waking up notice what the first positive thought is that comes to mind.  Perhaps it’s a sunny day or that your family is up and allowing you to have a little extra time to yourself this morning.  Spend a few moments giving thanks for whatever you choose.  Then throughout your day think back and remember how those moments felt.  Give thanks, again.  Notice how good it makes you feel!
  • Choose a day a week (more if you can or start with an hour if you need to).  Start a new tradition of making that day your “love life” day.  Plan out what you’ll do on that day to have fun.  If you have family or friends you want to include let everyone plan the day on a rotating basis.  This way you’ll also have the opportunity to explore and discover new adventures.
  • For the usual events such birthday and anniversaries plan to celebrate for a week, a month or even a year.  I met two women one day who were staying at a bed & breakfast for a week as they celebrated one of their 40th birthdays.  They went on to tell me about what they had planned for the month before and after.  It didn’t have to be a big deal.  Perhaps is was having a chocolate day or walking around the lake.  The idea is that they were celebrating life!

We allow life to just happen when in reality every day is a day to celebrate!  We are here for a reason…  And our lives are gifts.  It’s time to open them up! 

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