Throw Out the Magnifying Glass

Throw Out the Magnifying Glass by SIMPLE STEPS

Do you spend your time trying to figure out the why’s in life?  When you look in the mirror do you have it set on 10x magnification?  Are you looking for what might go wrong and then of course it does?

For as long as I can remember I have used a magnifying mirror to put on my make-up.  My eyesight isn’t great… but isn’t that bad either.  For some reason though I have been using the 10x side and of course when I do I find flaws.  Now don’t misunderstand the purpose of this blog.  I’m trying to make a point… one that I needed to learn and you may too.  And that point is…

If you examine life under a magnifying glass… you’re going to find fault. 

Why?  Because you are looking for it.  We get what we focus on.  And if your focus is on finding what’s wrong you do.

It’s like sitting down every night and watching the news.  National, local… it doesn’t matter.  Sensationalism sells and that is all news programs are about… selling. It’s a business.  So you get to see an hour, or more, of all the hideous things that happen in the world.  By the time you’re done all you can think about is how bad this world is… and so to you it is. 

If you want to live in a more positive world you have to take a step to create it… for yourself!  You don’t have to watch the news.  You can grab the headlines from a website and read more, if you choose… not be inundated by an hour of negativity.  Or you can turn on an inspiring radio station and be uplifted.  That’s why our Simple Steps Real Change show is on Empower Radio. 

I choose to be uplifted and hopefully uplifting.  That doesn’t mean that I stick my head in the sand when it comes to the hardships in life.  I’ve been through my share.  Anyone who knows my story could say that I’m a victim of the economy, effected by death, cancer and the a number of other problems. But I am not a victim… because I choose not to be.  I am in control of my attitude. 

While I wouldn’t wish the events of my life on my worst enemy… it is because of those experiences that Simple Steps Real Change exists… why tens of thousands of others have joined us. 

We can focus on life’s flaws or we can choose to see what makes this life worth living.  And I promise you there is a million times more good in this life… if you just choose to focus on it.   If you are looking to add light into your life… read more on our website, come to our Facebook page or connect with any number of the thousands of inspirational pages and websites offering what might just be the message you need to hear.  When you find what works for you… you’ll know it! 

Follow us to the positive side of life… and you’ll find it! If you choose to!



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