Get Out of Your Head

Get Out of Your Head by SIMPLE STEPS

Don’t you just love it when yesterday’s mistakes keep bouncing around in your head? Do you keep replaying a mistake, a comment, yours or someone else’s, or reliving a bad experience? For every minute that we spend rehashing the past we lose out on enjoying life right now. Is that what you want? Or do you just want it to stop?

You are in control of your thoughts, completely. You may believe that yet doubt your ability to get out of your own head. If you have let the negative ones consume you banishing them may be a challenge… It is however not only possible but also necessary if you are determined to make positive changes in your life.

“You cannot live a positive life when your thoughts are negative.”

Perhaps you’ve heard that we each have over 60,000 thoughts every single day. Did you know that somewhere around 90% of those thoughts are repeats from a prior day? If you keep thinking the same negative thoughts over and over again you’re missing out on the opportunity to change your life.

Here are three Simple Steps that you need to take in order to break your pattern of negative thinking. 

  • First, you have to want to! This one may seem elementary however those negative thoughts when expressed may give you something that you need, attention. Only you can decide if you want the attention that you are getting to come out of pity or respect.
  • Next , you need to deal with the negative situation and learn what it has to teach you. Everything that happens contains a lesson. We can use that to our advantage or ignore it and remain stuck in life.
  • Last, you need to replace the negative thought with one that serves you better.

For example when you new year’s resolution to eat healthier flies out the window if you go out to eat at your favorite restaurant you may be berating your lack of willpower. For anyone who has ever been on a diet we tend to think that if we haven’t been diligent every time that we never will conquer our eating habits. Perhaps though the lesson in this situation may be that having an occasional treat helps us to not feel deprived. It also could be that we know that if we go to a certain restaurant that we can’t pass up the chocolate cheesecake. Use those lessons to create a new thought. “I can’t resist dessert when I go out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. I am going to limit myself to going there only on my birthday.”

Once you learn the lesson you’re better prepared the next time you’re faced with temptation.Now instead of being weak, you’re stronger and wiser. When your realize how simple it is to change your thoughts to one that support you you’ll be excited about trying it out in other parts of your life too!  One Simple Step leads you to another! 

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