Thoughts… Thinking

Thoughts & thinking by SIMPLE STEPS

This is not a picture of me 🙂 It’s time for a mind bending exercise. Do you want to see your life differently? Are you ready? Ok consider this…

“You are not your thoughts, however…
You experience what you think about.”

Did you catch that?  It took me a long time to get it and I’m hoping that I can make this simple for you.

We have thousands of thoughts every day.  I for one think about what I want to write about, whether my jeans fit, whether I have enough money to do something, what to make for dinner and so many more.

As we run through the thoughts that come into our mind… they are what they are.  Just a fleeting thought.  It isn’t until we focus our attention on them that they become more. 

Let’s start with a simple one.  Will I be able to get into my jeans?  If I focus on that though it becomes more like “I won’t be able to wear my favorite jeans if I eat these potato chips.”  And then, “I deserve to enjoy my food because I worked hard today.”  Or maybe even something along the lines of, “You knew better than to eat that… it’s going right to your hips and you’ll always be fat.”

When we focus on what we don’t want… we get it. If this had been a fleeting thought… I wouldn’t have given it another thought.  But I couldn’t let it go… and of course I hate wearing those jeans now. 

If you want to stop a negative thought in it’s tracks and focus on what you want try these Simple Steps:

  • Write down your thought or belief.  Give it the amount of detail that you did when it came to mind.  If it was like my jeans issue I’d include all the comments that went with it.  Now say to yourself that you’ve acknowledged the thought and are moving on.  If it comes back to you be kind and say to yourself that you’ve already dealt with the thought and visualize it floating away and disolving into thin air. 
  • Question the thought if has any negative aspect to it.  For example “I will always be fat.”  That may feel true to me but it isn’t true.  It is a limiting belief and we are unlimited human beings.  Replace the thought with one that works better for you.  For example, “I am working towards a healthier & fit body.”  Do whatever works for you to keep that thought in sight.  Whether it is part of a vision board, a stickie note or your new mantra… repeat often. 
  • Rather than believing the thought that you are having consider it as an experience that is teaching you something new.  Using my example I consider my current body shape and size as contrast in my life.  When I was married I barely weighed 100 pounds… now I weigh, um, more.  Both extremes don’t work for me so I know that I need to find the balance.  I’ve learned a lesson. 

We can focus on the negative aspects of life and stay in an unhappy place or we can choose to focus on more positive thoughts.  We become what we think so why not think what feels better?  It’s a choice… yours! 


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