Compete with Yourself

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It seems like keeping up with the Jones has been a way of life for so many of us.  If it wasn’t the car we drove, the neighborhood we lived in or the job we had… it was the clothes we wore, the grades we made, the school we graduated from and the salary we earned.  Comparing ourselves with other was a way to prove our worth.

Comparison of material possessions and even our accomplishments does one of two things.  Either it makes us feel superior in some way… or it makes us feel bad about ourselves.  Both of those are steeped in negativity.  Is that really what you want? 

I know that it is natural to want to do better.  Rather than compete against another person… what about using that energy to improve yourself.  Challenge you to be more valuable… to you.  When you focus on doing better for you… you set yourself up to feel better… to be happier… to enjoy life more.  And that is a much more positive focus!

When you are ready to shift your perspective back to your own success try one of these Simple Steps:

  • Make a list of what you want to accomplish.  This includes everything from those big goals to every day tasks.
  • Prioritize, with a twist.  Big goals take longer to accomplish and it is ok to have them at the top of your list.  Mix in with them a couple of more routine daily tasks.  This enables you to accomplish something every day.
  • Celebrate your success!  Whether it is a small task or a big goal give yourself credit for your accomplishment.  Doing so encourage you to do more… or to attack the next task on your priority list.

When you challenge yourself to do better you focus on what is really important… your happiness.  And that sure feel better than comparing yourself to another! 



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