Unlimiting Yourself

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These last few days I’ve been spending time reading and trying to get to the heart of the conflicting feelings in my head.  Ever have days when you are going down a path but know deep inside that you’re going the wrong way? Somehow we get stuck in a frame of mind and think that we can’t do things differently.

What if what we are doing out of habit or belief is wrong for us?  We get to this place in our lives where we live on auto pilot.  For example I have long believed that while I may write that I am not a creative person.   Another belief is that if I don’t start my day with a Diet Coke I’m going to be miserable.  Maybe this one sounds familiar… I can’t do anything different because that is what people have come to expect of me and I have to be the stable one. 

For just a moment make the assumption that all of those self defeating beliefs are wrong. If you believe in the Law of Attraction then this will make sense.  If you believe that you can’t… then you can’t.  If you focus on what you can’t do/be/have then you are reinforcing those thoughts.  If I believe that I am not creative then I am not.  What are your self-defeating thoughts doing for you?  Nothing good!

Eliminating self defeating beliefs takes determination.  It also requires you to believe that your abilities are limitless…. which they are!  When you recognize that as fact it will be exciting, empowering and motivating.  Even more importantly you’ll start to take actions which support your limitlessness, drawing more to you.  

What then is today’s Simple Step?  Entertain the thought that your abilities are limitless to create the life of your dreams.  Just consider the possibility and how your life would be different without your self assessed limitations.  Imagine it, visualize it, feel the freedom!

What do you have to lose except your limits?!?  And that is exciting!   

We’ll talk more about eradicating limiting beliefs in this week’s blogs. 


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