Every Challenge Is A Blessing

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In retrospect life becomes clearer, lessons are learned and we’re so much wiser.  When we started Simple Steps… Real Change it was because we wanted others to know that they aren’t alone in whatever they are going through.  To that end we’ve put our lives out there for you to see. 

This blog isn’t about what we have gone through in this last year… it’s about the blessings that come from life’s challenges.  Perhaps you can find your blessings through our stories.

Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops? What if Your healing comes through tears?  – Laura Story, “Blessings”

A year ago this week my Dad died suddenly and I became the primary caregiver for my Mom who is blind. While Dad’s dying was unexpected and a shock in this last year my Mom has become a stronger person than I could have ever imagined.  We are closer than we have ever been.  While we miss Dad… Mom has met new friends and has a social schedule that I can’t keep up with.  It is wonderful to see her so active at 82!

We finalized many financial issues last year.  At a time when we expected to be retiring we’re starting all over again.  Through this we’ve realized that in losing it all we gained perspective… and that none of the “stuff” could ever make us happy.  We appreciate life rather than possessions.  One is indispensible the others are replaceable.

Jack was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgeries and radiation, the latter which triggered other health issues for him.  While we would not wish this experience on anyone… he is now healthy and thriving.  We both have a greater respect for our bodies and what we nourish them with.  We now make healthier food choices, exercise and have less stress.

The greatest lesson that we have learned through our challenges is that we only have so much time to live our lives and being happy trumps everything else.   We walked away from our previous life and moved to  Oregon where our quality of life has improved exponentially.  Jack is able to be outside and has returned to doing what he loves, nature photography, and we spend most weekends appreciating this land.   As for me I did what needed to be done for Mom, Jack & our family and now I’m able to take time for me to get healthier, write more and finish my next book. 

Today Jack & I are celebrating our 32nd anniversary today.  We are blessed by realizing that there may not be a tomorrow… but there is a now.  I hope from our stories that you’ll be inspired to live your life now!

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