It’s about Abundance

I have never been much of a competitor.  Sure I like to do the best that I can however I have no desire to “beat” someone else in the process.  There is no “lack” in this journey that I am on.

On our Facebook page I love to showcase other pages and websites that provide positive inspiration.  Their success doesn’t mean that I don’t succeed or vice versa.  What it means is that more people out there are reached with positive messages from multiple sources.  How cool is that!?!

We each get to decide what is important to us.  Perhaps being the best, which suggests that you are better at something, than others, is what drives you.  If it is your passion then go for it.  Realize however that your success doesn’t have to mean someone else’s failure.  See it as the opportunity to help teach others to do better.  That is a win-win and so much more valuable than having the need to “beat” the competition. 

Try one of these Simple Steps and spread the “wealth:”

  • On holidays including birthdays & anniversaries volunteer at a shelter or food bank.  Imagine the message your children receive when on their birthday they are helping others.
  • If you have a strength or talent use it to help someone else who is new to your field. 
  • When you encounter a sales or service person that is truly helpful, thank them.  If you have the opportunity go the extra mile and tell their boss or complete that on-line survey. 
  • Organize a group or club to help others in your community.  Mentor at risk teens, sponsor those re-entering the workforce, provide services to seniors.  Through your altruism you become a role model for all those you encounter.
  • If you are in a leadership position at work set up teams with team goals.  Create & foster an environment of cooperation, collaboration and shared rewards.

In the long run if we help others succeed then this world is a better place.  That is abundance!  And doesn’t that feel good!

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