Appreciate good and not so good

In life we take the good with the bad, the highs with the lows… the joys with the sorrows.  No one lives a “charmed” life.  Triumph and tragedy don’t know where you live, how much money you make or whether you are living in a gated community or on the streets. 

It is because we experience difficulty that we understand and appreciate when times are good.  Unless we know negative we don’t really know positive. When we’re going through the really bad times if we step back and observe the road that we are on we have the ability to see it for what it is… a lesson in perspective.

Try one of these Simple Steps to understand and appreciate where you are:

  • Focus on one experience that you have had write down what was negative for you.   For example, “I was unemployed & struggled to pay the rent.”  Now note your current situation.  “I have found a part time job and I am able to pay my bills.”  Appreciate where you are right now.  Even though it may not be where you want to be it is better than where you could be.  

If you are not in a really good place at the moment use this same exercise to visualize where you are going. 

  • “I am unemployed & cannot pay the rent.”  You know that this doesn’t feel good to you.  What would feel better? Picture how your life will be when you are working again. “I am so thankful to have a job and can pay my bills.”  In this exercise shift your focus to what you do want to experience.  See yourself living that positive experience.  Repeat this often.  As you infuse your life with a positive picture you’ll begin to make decisions about what you want and move closer to your dream.  That just feels better.

Perspective is a personal choice just like being happy is.  No matter how bad the experience is that you are having it contains the potential be the one experience that could change your life.  That negative experience provides perspective that enables you to make better choices.  It may not be easy… but it is Simple! 




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