Managing Life

This last month has been challenging for Jack & Me.  Between being the first holiday without my Dad, Jack’s cancer treatment and deciding to relocate to Oregon sooner than later I’ve been running a little thin. 

Having so much stress at once is not ideal however that is life sometimes.  The question is how to deal with it, keep our sanity and a positive attitude.  I would like to say that I have mastered it… but I haven’t.  What I have done is realize when my stress level starts to climb that it is time to deflect a little stress and take the time to play.

On some days it means taking CJ out to play Frisbee or a taking a walk around the block with Jack.  Other days it means turning off the phone and computer and reading a book.  Whatever I chose it’s important to make it an activity that is just fun.  We deserve a break… so why not make it something that we enjoy!

If you find yourself experiencing too much stress try one of these Simple Steps and take a break:

  • Bake cookies or another favorite treat.  The aroma of fresh baked cookies is soothing all by itself.  We can visualize all of the calories being baked out.
  • Call the person who always makes you laugh.  Laughter is naturally relaxing and releases those feel good endorphins.
  • Exercise.  Choose something non-competitive to burn off the stress. (And perhaps the cookies that you made earlier.)
  • Meditate, practice Tai Chi, or yoga.
  • Visualize.  Use this time to see yourself calm, relaxed and enjoying your life post stress.

If you are a good planner write down all the possible enjoyable options you can think of.  That way you are prepared when you need that break.

Stress is part of life.  Sometimes it can be too big a part.  When we recognize it and choose to give ourselves a break from it we are choosing to put our happiness first.  Sounds like a plan to me! 



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