Peace on Earth…Goodwill to All

It is at this time of the year that we are reminded that peace and goodwill are more than words.  Whether it is the spirit of the holidays or the knowledge that so many others are in need…  our instincts to help another are more acute in December.

Regardless of the external factors in life that might be moderating holiday celebrations…  there is the opportunity to do more this year… not by giving things but by giving of our time.

Today’s Simple Step…  Reach out to help another.  In every city there is soup kitchen that could use an extra set of hands.  There are pets in shelters who could use some play time or a walk.  Around the neighborhood there are seniors who could use some help shoveling their driveway or walk…  or a ride to the grocery store.  Make this holiday about helping another.  Whether it is family, friends or strangers give of yourself. 

The cost is zero…the blessings… priceless.  Spread Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All.


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