Growing from the challenge

Mom was going through some very old papers today and came across a paper written by my Grandmother, Mary McNeice in 1918.  She was my Dad’s mom and was not someone that I knew very well.  

One particular passage that she wrote struck a chord with me.  The message is as clear today as it was nearly 100 years ago.  She noted that the kite won’t fly in a dead calm nor will it fly with the wind.  She goes on to say that,

“The mind, in order to grow, must find a field for itself in which to gain strength by overcoming all obstacles.”   

Almost a century later the message is unchanged…  We grow through adversity.  In our stresses and challenges there are lessons.  When we learn the lesson we are better prepared for the next leg of our life’s journey… or for our next flight.

There isn’t a single person who hasn’t had to deal with some type of adversity.  We “struggle” or we “fight to overcome” these challenges when if we use them as a lesson we grow into the person that we are meant to be. 

Today’s Simple Step:

  • Stop struggling with the challenges in  your life.  Allow yourself to be an observer rather than a participant.  In this role what do you notice?  What would you advise your best friend if it was them experiencing the challenge rather than you.  Learn the lesson. 

When  you allow the experience to wash over you and you absorb what it teaches you.. You are wise and better prepared for the next leg of your life’s journey…  and that feels good!




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