Acknowledge…don’t ignore

At some point in our lives we struggle with problems that don’t want to go away.  Are there problems or situations that seem to dog you even when you are ready to be done with them? 

Here are a couple of very Simple Steps that help you to kick the negativity and move forward in your life:

  • First, quit struggling.  As long as you are fighting with a situation you’re going to experience more of it.  If you have to symbolically throw your arms into the air and release it, then do it! 
  • Next, don’t pretend that the problem doesn’t exist.   There is a time to “Act As If” but it is not now. When you acknowledge it then you can define and deal with it.  If you try and ignore a problem then it is going to be hanging over your head. 
  • Have a “Conversation with You.”  This is the Simple Step where you sit quietly, clearly state the problem and then wait to hear what comes to mind.  It is here that you are closest to your own intuition and can make the decisions that are right for you. For more on this Simple Step download Simple Steps… Real Change, the Book. It’s free.

Now that you have done a 180 degree turn in how you were approaching the problem you have opened yourself up to the healing.  You have knowledge and a plan that you didn’t have before.. It is then that you can deal with it calmly, peacefully and with the knowledge that you can move past it in your life . And that feels great! 

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