What you don’t admit doesn’t improve

Do you often wonder why so many people around you are happier than you are?  Their marriages are happy, their jobs are great, their children are perfect and they are financially abundant.

When you encounter one of these folks and ask the perfunctory, “How are you?”  Do they respond with “Great!”  causing you to respond the same way when they ask you?  You know that it isn’t exactly accurate in your case….  Why is it that you think that it is in theirs?

This is a superficial place to live in and one in which the truth never comes to the surface.  What’s worse is that person whose life you think is so charmed may be the one who needs the lifeline!

By acknowledging your challenges you give permission to others to open up and share their life with you.  This is one of those Simple Steps that is not easy but it’s time to stick your toe in the water. 

  • Start small… if you open up the flood gates there is going to be a flood.  The idea is to poke a hole in the dam. 
  • Take this approach with someone that you know well, respect and like. 
  • When asked how you are respond with something along the lines of, “I’m doing fairly well.  I didn’t receive the promotion that I thought I would so we won’t be taking a vacation this year.” 
  • Follow your admission with a positive statement, “I know that I have a couple areas to work on that will make me more marketable/promotable so I’ve started working with my mentor on opportunities to help me develop.”

When you open up to another about your not so perfect life you give them permission to do the same.  In that space you relieve the pressure that you have been feeling.   Your friend then has the opportunity to share their concerns.  And that feels better for both of you!

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