Finding Your Purpose

On our Facebook page I read many posts from friends trying to find their purpose.   We come to a point in our life when we want to know why we are here.

We search and agonize while trying to find out why we are in this life and the harder we try the further away we get from the answer that we seek.  If you are a believer in the Law of Attraction then you know that as long as you “try” you will always be “trying,” not doing.

The key to finding your purpose lies in determining what you are passionate about. While that may seem like an easy thing to do…it’s not.  Throughout my life I’ve always wanted to help people.  Whatever I did along those lines made me happy.  I however didn’t realize that it was my purpose until about a year ago. 

To me a purpose involved being able to make a living at whatever it was.  My narrow vision kept my purpose out of sight because it was something that I didn’t see generating an income.  It doesn’t have to, though, the deeper you involve yourself in what you are passionate about opportunities appear that you may never have considered.

“When you follow your bliss, you put yourself on the track that has been there all the while… you begin to meet people who are in the field of your bliss, and they open doors to you.”  Joseph Campbell

When you involve yourself in something that excites you and you are willing to pursue it relentlessly you have discovered your purpose.  It may take time to hone in on what exactly that purpose looks like but that’s ok.  Life is a journey and enjoying the sights along the way only makes it better.

Try these Simple Steps and begin to identify your purpose:

  • Ask those closest to you (family, friends, co-workers) to write down what they think that you do best.  You are looking for that top line item.  Don’t look at the responses and ask them not to tell you.
  • Ask yourself what you enjoy most above anything else that you do. Make your list and then look at what is written by others.   Where is the commonality? 
  • As you look at the lists what “calls” to you?  If there is more than one thing that’s ok. Your purpose may involve a combination of choices.  Create a list or document with those items on it that feel right to you.  Keep that document with you at all times.  

What you have done with these Simple Steps is to put in motion the energy which surrounds your purpose. 

As you think about what you have written visualize what it means to you.  In my case I visualize writing articles & books, talking with individuals and groups, and seeing my work in print. From there I start taking one Simple Step at a time in the direction of my dream.  And that feels great! 


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