At The Crossroads…

When you get to the fork in the road which direction do you take?  One path means that you abandon what you are doing.  The other path is steep & hazardous yet at the end of it promises to be the proverbial pot of gold.  How do you decide which path to take?

If what you are doing isn’t working…then either come up with a new plan to revitalize it or pursue something different.  In order to make that decision there is only one question that you have to ask and answer:

Can you say without hesitation that you believe in what you are doing? 

If the answer is yes…then it’s full speed ahead.  If you are not 100% committed to it then it is time to focus your effort on what you do believe in.

Today’s Simple Step is for those who are trying to make an important decision:

Do you believe in what you are doing without a doubt? 

If your answer is “yes”… then take the time to reassess where you are going and what is necessary to be successful.  Educate yourself,  consult with experts, or even find a mentor.  

lf your answer is “no”… then give your self credit for making a tough choice and move forward.

When you know that you are on the right path it feels good!


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