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Every day that I’m on our Facebook site I am humbled by the events in our friends’ lives.  In just the last week one person was burying her son..  another had lost her Mom that very morning.  Yet another lost her best friend, her constant companion…her dog. 

Every one of these folks came to our site looking for support and inspiration.  In post after post there were dozens of friends supporting them in their time of grief.

No one can know exactly what you are going through.  All of our lives are different.  However…the similarities enable all of us to empathize and support each other. 

One of the key goals of Simple Steps… Real Change is to help others realize that they are not alone.   It is however easy to feel that way because what you are going through is painful, embarrassing, humiliating or just too unbelievable that you find yourself in that place.

My story is an open book, literally.  I wrote about it in “Simple Steps… Real Change, the Book” which is available as a free download on our website.  Here is the short version:

In the last few years I’ve gone from being gainfully employed with the title and salary I once only dreamed of…to being out of a job and on unemployment.  My real estate businesses went down the tubes with the market and I lost every one of those investments and my entire savings. My Dad died in May and I am now the primary care giver for my 82 year old, blind, Mom. I’ve moved away from all my friends and my home. My husband has been diagnosed with both leukemia and skin cancer. 

There really isn’t much that I haven’t been through.  My story however pales in comparison to others.  It does however enable me to relate to others who are unemployed, financially drained and strained, isolated, emotionally depleted, running their own businesses and living with unforeseen weight on their shoulders.   

What about you?  I am sure that each of you has a story that you could share. You can leave out the specifics (notice that I did)…  What you have been through, survived & thrived has the power to help others get through their challenges. 

We exist here in a relatively safe environment for sharing your life.  If however you want to help yet are not comfortable with the visibility of your information…e-mail me.  Tell me that you want to post anonymously.  I will post for you.  I hope however that you will reach out to help others through your life.

The Simple Step for today is to share you story…or part of it.  I’d love for you to do it on the page we created just for this purpose.  Click “Inspiring Friends” to read about others or to share your own story. 

At the very least reach out to someone who is alone or isolated.  When you do you provide not only a lifeline but you also build a bridge that others can cross… so the person you help feels loved.  And that is good!

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