Let Your Light Shine Through

When my day isn’t going so well I seem to encounter unhappy people at every turn. On those days though when I wake up on the right side of the bed and I find myself singing it seems that I experience good things all day long. 

When you let your light shine through to others you brighten up their day too.  Spreading sunshine nourishes your soul and the souls of anyone you encounter.  This image reminds me to open up and let my light shine through.  

Here a a few Simple Steps to spread your sunshine:

  • Play – Take you children to the park, chase the waves on the beach as they come in and out or host a party where everyone has to wear a hat.  Besides bringing joy to your friends & family anyone else witnessing you at play is touched by your light.
  • Laugh – Laughter is the best medicine, helps reduce stress and brings good air into your lungs!  Watch old movies, reruns of the original Saturday Night Live or go to lunch with the friend who always makes you laugh. 
  • Extend a helping hand – Bake a casserole for a neighbor recovering from surgery, volunteer to take your friend’s children for an afternoon so she can have a break or even organize a group of neighbors to clean up the local park.  Whatever you choose to do shines a light on those who need it most.

When you let your light shine through everyone with you or who sees you is blessed.  And that is good! 

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