Connecting Our Dreams

As I write this we have 5,450 Facebook Friends of Simple Steps… Real Change.  And all of our friends are connected to hundreds of other friends.  We have friends all over the world speaking dozens of different languages.  We are all connected!

This afternoon one of our Friends, Kim Ruckman, suggested that one way to get the word out about Simple Steps… Real Change & Good Happens would be for all of our friends to change their profile photo to the “Good Happens” logo.  Officially we are going to do this on Monday August 2nd…however a few of us have already started.

Can you imagine how this feels to me to see the support of my dream echoed through the pages of Facebook?  If you are reading this you too are part of my dream…and I am part of yours. 

My mission has always been to spread the message of positivity.  If you are here it is because you believe in the same thing.  When you are passionate about your dream and you compound that with the positivity that you experience here (and undoubtedly other sources) our missions connect.  Isn’t it exciting to know that you are not in this alone?  I know that it does to me!

Today’s Simple Step is going to take a new turn.  I’d like to start tying our dreams together intentionally.  I’d like to start sharing our dreams and asking our Friends to provide support.  That could be as simple as praying for each other or as involved as offering to help, if you can and are so inclined. 

Starting today I have added a link onto our website titled, “The Circle.”  Within The Circle we share our energy..and as we do it expands.  Post your dream on our page.  It’s important that you be as specific as possible (without writing a book :))  Your dream should be more detailed than “I want to be rich.”  Define rich.  Define what it feels like when you achieve your dream. If you need ideas, support, prayers or help…ask for it.  You never know when your next connection becomes your future.

Daily I’ll post a link to The Circle with a note about what is new.  I encourage you to read it daily….help where you can…  visualize the person’s success.  Comment back to them if you would like. 

Together we can direct our positive energy to help others.  And that feels good! 

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