Want to Realize Your Dream? Pay Attention to Your Lessons

“Fear nothing, for every renewed effort raises all former failures into lessons.”  – Author Unknown

One of my most recent “failures” involved several real estate investments, rental properties, that we owned in Ohio.  We relied on gurus and companies to advise us & to take care of the day to day property management.  We abdicated our responsibility to these experts and in the end we lost everything.  That has been a tremendous financial nightmare. 

The lesson that we had to learn was then we cannot relinquish control of anything financial, period.  A very hard lesson however one that is serving us well now that Simple Steps… Real Change is growing. 

I am a firm believer that in every challenge in my life that I’ve had a lesson to learn.  Ok…some took me longer than others to learn.  Everyone though has to experience the downs, the challenges, in life in order to learn.  Once we learn a lesson we pave a smoother road to our future & our dreams.

What are your challenges trying to teach you?  When you understand the lesson new doors open up all around you.  Are you ready to walk through them?

Today’s Simple Step helps you to hone in on the lessons that are waiting for you to acknowledge:

  • What are the top 5 challenges that you have faced in your life?  List them out.  Examples might be: I’m unemployed;  My children aren’t talking to me; My husband/wife doesn’t want the same things that I want; My boss doesn’t appreciate the work that I do.
  • Beside each challenge write down what you are doing different than you first did when you encountered the issue. 
    • If you aren’t doing anything different… you need to have an “aha” moment.  If what you are doing isn’t working…don’t keep doing it!  
    • However, using the example of being unemployed you may have written that: I don’t go grocery shopping more than once a week and I have a list;  I spend more time at the park with my children rather than going to the movies or out to eat;  I am exercising every morning. What you have learned includes being a better money manager, the value of spending one on one time with your children and the importance of taking care of your health.

Could you have learned these lessons another way?  Maybe.  However experience is the best teacher.  You can’t learn about life by reading a book and you sure can’t realize your dreams by being an observer of your own life.

When you open yourself up to the lessons that are waiting for you to realize there is no stopping you from living your dream… And that feels better! 


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