Own It!

I had hours when I was driving back & forth between Little Rock & Dallas yesterday.  Mom was listening to a book with headsets on and I used the time to “Have a Conversation with (Myself).”  Actually more accurately I had many.

In some prior blogs I’ve mentioned that the failures in my life have come because I was asleep at the wheel.  I would delegate responsibility to some 3rd party to do those things that I didn’t want to do myself.  Our housing investments were lost because we turned them over to others to manager.  When we stared our websites we had family members taking care of the technical side of things.  That didn’t work either. 

During my thinking time yesterday I realized that the same pattern was true in my corporate life.  I managed various departments and trusted my team to run with the ball.  I had great teams.  What I did however was delegate to the point where I wasn’t needed…and I wasn’t.  Is it really any wonder why I am unemployed.  It was my “aha” moment. 

Now as I am looking at opportunities to generate income from Simple Steps… Real Change…I know that I “own” this responsibility.  No SEO guru, no marketing pro or any other expert will be empowered to act on my behalf unless I understand what their roles & limitations are.

I have made the decision today to OWN my life!  What about you?  Ready to take the reigns and ride?

Try these Simple Steps to move forward:

  • Declare to yourself and anyone else who needs to hear it “My life is up to me!”  “I decide today to be in control of my happiness, by abundance and my future.”
  • Make a list of the top 3 parts of your life that you need to take control of.  For example finances, getting physically fit, finding a new job.”  Prioritize them.  Take your #1 priority and list out 3 things that you can do right now to take action on your goal.  Do them!
  • Working off of the prior bullet if your priority includes some aspect that you need to learn more about go to Amazon.com or your local bookstore and find (1) the most read book on the topic and (2) the newest book on the topic.  Scan through them and purchase (or check out from the library) the one that “calls” you.  Start studying on how to accomplish your goal.

Taking action feels better than sitting around and waiting for something to happen in your life.  It’s time to feel great!!!

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