Lessons in Survival

As last week ended I had no internet on Friday and most of Saturday.  During that time I went back to my passion…reading books.  And what a treat that was! 

Yesterday I posted some information about one of the books that I read, “90 Minutes in Heaven” by Don Price. It was not a book that “called” me before though it has been out for awhile.  What was great to see was the response from those of you who had read it…and also from those who are looking for comfort following the loss of a loved one.  That was me. What I received was far more than I expected but exactly what I needed.

Here is a bit of this real life story:

Don Piper is a Baptist minister who was in a horrific accident when his car was struck by an semi truck.  He was declared dead at the scene of the accident, covered with a tarp and left there while the rest of the accident was cleared.  Another minister, Dick,  traveling home stopped at the accident site and received word from God that he should pray for the man in the car that everyone said was dead.  In particular he was to pray that the man would be delivered from unseen injuries, brain & internal injuries. While the paramedics & police at the scene told him that it was useless he crawled up under the tarp, touched Don’s shoulder and began to pray and sing hymns. 

Some 90 minutes after the accident as Dick began singing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” Don started to sing along with him.  Don survived the accident with neither brain nor internal injuries.  His body was badly mangled and his recovery long and painful. 

There are 4 key messages that reading Don’s story left with me.  They are:

  • Never underestimate the power of prayer.  (Apparently unanswered prayers are blessings.  See next point.)
  • There is a reason for everything though it may take time for it to play out. (Look for the lesson.)
  •  Even in the worst adversity there is hope. (Never give up!  Never give up!)
  • When a loved one dies there is joy and peace for them as they are surrounded by those who have gone before them.  (This brought me comfort with Dad’s passing.)

If you are ready to be inspired… If you are ready see the lessons in your life…  If you are ready to move outside the walls that surround you…  Read this book!  That is the Simple Step for today. 

Click here to review or purchase “90 Minutes in Heaven” through Amazon.com.*

In the coming days we’ll talk more about this book and others that I believe provide inspiration and ideas on how to work through challenges that you and I are dealing with.  As always I welcome your feedback & ideas on anything that you would like to talk about. 

With Love & Joy!


*I am paid a small commission by Amazon.com for anything purchased through my website.


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