Laughter is the Best Medicine

All week we have been exploring ways to move from the black hole (or in my case hiding under the covers) to coming back into the light.  Today we are going to take a look at one of the simplist ways to improve your state of mind… Laughter!

You may not be ready to laugh at your problems however the act of laughing generates healing effects on the body & soul. Here is just a partial list of the effects laughter has:

Increases blood flow & adds oxygen to the blood
Fuels positive energy, creativity and connection
Boosts immune functions
Increase’s pain tolerance
Exercises facial, abdominal and chest muscles
Improves brain functioning
Increases alertness & reativity
Boosts Positive Emotions

Today…and this weekend try one of these Simple Steps to bring some laughter into your life and improve your ability to deal with what brought you down:

  • Watch old Charlie Chaplin or Three Stooges movies.  True slapstick comedy is so rediculous that it takes effort not to laugh.
  • Need to start slower?  Pick up a copy of Reader’s Digest.  Look for the section “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”
  • If you want to seriously focus on improving your state of mind right now pick up a copy of “Going Bonker’s Magazine, “The Self Help Magazine with a Sense of Humor.” 
  • Call or visit the one person who always makes you laugh.

For the next three days plan some time for fun & laughter.  Give yourself a break from your worries.  You are not ignoring them…rather you are preparing your mind & soul to deal with them more effectively. 

Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the (end of) pain.
– Charlie Chaplin


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