Climbing the Ladder out of the Black Hole

Yesterday we worked through what those situations are that you feel have plunged you into darkness.  Today we are going to start climbing the ladder and back into the light of day. 

For the next few days we’ll talk about tools that you can use to move from your state of depression into a better feeling place. It’s important to realize that you don’t need to go from that hiding under the covers black hole to sitting on a beach in Maui happy.  In fact I dare to say if you make that radical of a swing it will be short lived. 

Climbing up into a better feeling place means taking a Simple Step.  Since that is what we are about here we’ll start with one of the easiest ways to start improving your outlook on life – Help Someone Else!

“Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.” – Author Unknown

When you turn your attention to others you give yourself a break from your worries.  

Perhaps you think that you can’t help someone else because you think that your life is so screwed up.  The reason you are in your black hole is because you can’t see beyond what is going on in your life. Turning your attention to helping others or your favorite cause has a double bonus.  When you give yourself, you receive more than you give.  It costs nothing but a little bit of your time…and if you truely want to get out of your dark space…investing your time is well…priceless!  And you know that you need something positive in your life! 

Giving is a gift that you give yourself. 

I am a living example of how taking the focus off of my problems makes a world of difference in my state of mind. My life in the last few years has been one challenge after another.  Family, Finances, Work, Health & Death…pick a topic…been there!  Besides having our website & Facebook page which focuses on others I am involved encouraging others to be a bone marrow donor through “Be The Match.”

Here are some other ideas for directing your focus outward:

  • Practice Random Acts of Kindness.  Need some ideas?  Check out The Random Acts of Kindness Facebook Page.
  • Volunteer at a single event that you support.  Helping others can be done one day at a time.  Volunteer Match provides a national listing of opportunities to consider.   Whether you want to do work from your home or spend a day helping out at a charity event Volunteer Match has thousands of opportuntiies for every level of involvement you’d like to give.
  • Start your own food, book or clothing drive for a local charity.  Work with your church, school or social group to pool resources to make an even bigger impact.

One note about choosing a volunteering project…pick a charity or cause that you are pasisonate about and participating in it does not cause you additional stress.

Remember that today we are working to move you to a better feeling place…It is a first step…a Simple Step  that breaks open the hole and let’s the light reflect back in your life.  Look for the light! 

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