It’s All In Your Hands!

I’m going to take those of us who were around in 1976 and run down memory lane.  Flash back to the movie “Network.”  Remember this line from the movie, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” 

Whether you were around and old enough to remember that famous line or not does really matter…  What does matter is this…  Are you sick and tired of the challenges in your life and you are “not (going to) take this anymore?”  Good.  Then you are on your way out of the pit.

This week we are going to get our mojo back and walk out of the fire that we’ve been enveloped in!  So may Facebook friends wrote and said that they are ready.  Well Let’s Go!

Take a look at this photo.  What comes to mind? 

If you are still stuck in that negative place you may think that these are “owies.” (Something that hurts.) 

Is that where you are?  If it is that is ok…as long as you realize that is where you are and you aren’t in denial about the pain you are in. 

Acknowledge the pain…I am.  I won’t restate my “owies”…I did that in my prior post.  I don’t however want to focus on my losses anymore.  I want to focus on what is good that comes out of experiencing them.

So take another look and consider this interpretation of the photo:

You have at your fingertips everything that you need to live the life that you choose.

All it takes is a shift in your focus.  If this is new to you read yesterday’s post for some examples. 

We choose to be happy or not.  If you have the choice to be happy I can’t imaging that you would choose anything else.

Today’s post is about recognizing that you are 100% in control of your life.  You…not your spouse, children, parents, boss or best friend has anything to say about it.  You get to choose.

If you believe someone or something other than you is responsiible for your happiness (or unhappiness)…and you have believed that way for any length of time it will take time and repeated focus to make this perceptual shift. 

There is no switch to flip that will take you from misery to happiness.  What there is are Simple Steps..that if you take just one at a a time and practice it regularly…you experience real change.  When you are ready for your first Simple Step try one of these:

  • Be kind to yourself.  Whether you are the one being hardest on yourself or someone else is on your back…take the time for yourself.  List out 2-3 things that you can do for yourself that you haven’t done in awhile.  What you are looking for are ways to “treat” yourself.  These shouldn’t be something that you do regularly…they need to be special…as special as you are!  Now do them!
  • Be kind to others.  Choose a charity, church, person or cause that you believe in.  Help them.  Volunteer your time and skills. This isn’t about donating money.  Giving of yourself to something outside yourself does more for your state of mind than it does for those you are helping…and you help them tremendously!
  • Breathe.  If you need to walk even slower then this technique is for you.  You need to have time for yourself at least twice a day. Sit wherever you are comfortable. Close your eyes and breathe normally.  Don’t force your breathing.  This is about returning to a natural state. If you have been living under any amount of stress this Simple Step helps provide both relaxation and the ability to clear your head.  Start with 5 minutes and work up to 20 minutes. 

Changing your life starts with a single step…yours.  Regardless of which step you take you give yourself the gift of seeing your life from a different perspective.  When you shift the perspective that you have been living with…a whole new world appears.  A world where your dreams come true…and where your life’s journey is happy!

Tomorrow’s post will focus on additional ways to shift your perspective and allow the light of your life’s journey to shine.

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