Trust Your Instincts – Simple Step #2 – Have a Conversation With You

Simple Step #2: Have a Conversation with You

1)    Write down; yes; physically write down, the issue that you need to resolve.  Take the time to make sure that you are being absolutely clear with what the issue is.  If it isn’t clear to you when you write it down then keep revising it until it is clear in your mind.

2)    Next read the question.  If you feel comfortable doing so read it out loud.  Though doing so isn’t absolutely necessary it does help you clarify it in your own mind.

3)    Now, do nothing.  Sit quietly and listen.  You will begin to hear words forming in your head.

4)    Write down whatever pops into your mind. Keep writing until you don’t hear anything more.  You may find yourself asking the question again if the stream of dialogue comes too quickly for you to keep up with it.  Amazingly you may also have a simple one-word answer.  Whatever comes to you, don’t judge it, just write it down.

Everyone experiences a different level of intuitiveness.  It may take asking the question several times to get an answer that you understand.  What is important is that you write down everything that comes into your mind.

When you are done writing read through what you have written.  Is there a theme, a common thread that emerges?

Within the response is your instinctual answer.  Be open to receiving it…and be prepared for the unexpected.

Within you are the answers that you seek because within you is everything that you need to do what is right for you. When you listen to yourself you are never misguided.  It may take courage to move forward on the answer that you receive however as you start to trust your instincts you discover how good you are as a decision maker.

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