Find Your Rainbow

I live in Texas at the moment and folks that have lived here all their lives just don’t understand how I could miss Seattle…where it rains all the time.  There is no denying that it rains more days in Seattle than it does here in Texas…  to me that just means I get to see rainbows more often.

No matter what we look at it can change in an instant…the instant that we change our perspective.  That change is a Simple Step.  There is no detailed plan around it…it is what it is.  See the good in something or see the bad…whatever you look for you will find!

While the change is simple that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is easy.  If you have been believing one way for years you can’t flip a switch and suddenly believe the exact opposite.  What you can do however is consistently practice the change in perspective.  Repetition is a good thing here!

Are you ready?  Try these Simple Steps when you sincerely want to change your perspective:

  • Choose a belief that isn’t serving you well.  (I believe that I will never lose weight.)
  • Clearly state or write down what you believe right now. (I have tried all the diets and while they work for awhile I will never stick with them.)
  • Next write down what you want to believe. (My weight is declining at a slow and steady pace as I make reasonable food choices and walk daily.)
  • Act “as if.”  (Fill you pantry with good options that you know are healthier than what you have had previously.  Set out your walking shoes by the door as a reminder to walk.)
  • Repeat “as if” for a week.  When you see the slow and steady pace you are progressing towards your weight loss goal AND you consistently apply your “as if” actions your new perspective becomes your only perspective!

Enjoy the new you!

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