Inspiration…Role Models & Blessings


With all the connections that I have made with old and new friends this last year I am inspired most by my friend Cindi.  We worked at the same company but never together.  In our moving on in our lives though I have been blessed by getting to know Cindi, now, at this point in my life.

Independent, accomplished, articulate, beautiful & kind all describe my friend.  Those words pale however in comparison to her love and dedication to her son.  On her Facebook page she writes,

“I am so proud of my son! He has grown so much as a person and player in the past year. He is truly my rock. My sunshine. I love the way he makes me laugh and smile everyday. He is such a blessing.”

As I talk to Cindi whether on the phone or e-mail I can feel the joy in her heart when she talks about Aaron.  She has raised a good son, smart, caring, and a gifted athlete.  It is in their relationship that I see the promise of tomorrow.

For all the parents who have been amazing role models for their children and for all of the sons & daughters that become the inspiration of our future…I am humbled and grateful.  I don’t have children of my own.  I am however blessed to see the what the future holds through the eyes on my friend.

For today my Simple Step is to say Thank You!  As you look around at your friends and family…give thanks to those who inspire you, who make you proud, who make you laugh and who give you hope.

To Cindi and to Aaron…Thank you!

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