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Are You Living Your Dreams…or Someone Else’s Expectations?

When I was growing up it was understood that I would go to college, get married, and work for a company for the rest of my life.  Guess what….I did all those things.  (Ok so the company was acquired & I was out of a job….but I was loyal for almost 25 years.)

Now that I’ve been there, done that…I realize that I was living someone else’s vision of a perfect life.  Trouble is…I didn’t know what my vision was.  I had been doing what was expected and never took the time to even think what I wanted my life to be.

Fast forward…I’m 54 now and I realize 2 things.  One, I have nothing to lose. My life has been through every up and down that there isn’t a single thing that I can’t weather.  Two, life is meant to be happy and whatever I choose to do or not do is to support a happy life. With both of those foundational beliefs…my life is…the life that I create.

What about you?  Are you still living the dream of someone else?  Your parents, your spouse or partner?  Or are you living your dreams with the support of those folks?
Charles (left) Mark (right)

Today’s inspiration comes care of two friends, Charles & Mark.  I have worked with these guys over the years and they are an inspirational couple.  Both worked for that same company that I did all those years and have moved on.  Charles has been out of the traditional workforce for a number of years and in the last year he has been endeavoring to return to it.

Charles is a whip smart, dynamic guy, who I have always believed has the heart and soul of an entrepreneur.   When traditional employment options didn’t work he began searching for a business that spoke to him.  With Mark’s encouragement Charles opened up “Kiss Me Ra Airbrush Tanning”  (WWW.KISSMERA.COM).  Kiss Me Ra is a mobile service in Seattle…where it rains more that the sun shines.  What a brilliant concept and a service that Charles is passionate about.  With Mark’s crack marketing skills & encouragement Charles has moved out of the realm of traditional and into a place where he shines!

So the Simple Steps for today are:

  • Decide what you are passionate about.
  • Garner the support of your family & friends.
  • Go for it!

You have everything to gain…most of all…you get to live YOUR dreams!

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