Little Pleasures

Max, my 16 year old cat loves to lay across my arm.  It doesn’t matter if I’m trying to work on my computer or get a good night’s sleep.  Max is always right there purring away.  When he’s done with me he crosses the coffee table and jumps up on Jack’s lap.  He likes to share his good vibes.

Today Jack & I went and walked around a local mall just to get some exercise.  We prefer to be outside but today wasn’t a day for it.  We aren’t shoppers but as we walk around we find ourselves talking about anything and everything…with no interruptions.

These simple pleasures bring me joy every time.  I find that what makes me the happiest are the little things in my life.  It has nothing to do with where we live, our income or any other “things” that we may (or may not) have.  When I recognize and appreciate every little aspect of my life my heart is filled with love.

Try this Simple Step to infuse your life with joy:

  • Walk from room to room in your home pausing in each to really look at your space.  Notice the temperature, the aromas and even the “feel” of your home.  Take a moment to say to yourself or out loud, “I am grateful for ____________.”  For example, “I am grateful that my living room is warm and welcoming.”
  • When you are done with the inside spaces walk outside and repeat the process. With each sense that you experience give thanks.
  • Give this a try first thing in the morning… or at the end of the day before you go to sleep.  If you can practice this both times you will start your day off and end it in gratitude.

Take the time to see the beauty in every little aspect of your life.  As you see the small things…you start creating a life of joy that sustains you through any challenge that may come your way.

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